Interested in joining Search and Rescue ?

We're always looking for new members. What we need are:

To become a member of Search and Rescue, we encourage potential volunteers to attend a training meeting (meeting dates highlighted on the website calendar). Potential volunteers can then obtain an application at the meeting. They are able to complete the application at the meeting and submit it to the Chairman or board members, alternatively they are able to return it at a subsequent meeting. The application will then be submitted to the Sheriff’s Department for a background check. Upon completion and approval of the background check, applicants will be required to attend 3 training meeting within 6 months of submitting an application. Upon attendance of the 3 training meetings, applicants will then be voted into the organization by the board, and notified accordingly. To maintain active status members must attend 3 training sessions and respond to at least 3 missions, unless there are less then 3, each calendar year.

Contact Jim at (813)-476-0107 or Mike at (970)-398-0612
or send us an eMail at